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Log Plus Mining Services Co.,Ltd.


The Future Solution



Log Plus Mining Services is one of Thailand’s leading coal service with our aim to provide the best coal resources for the manufactures, end users and traders in both Thailand and overseas. Whether it is a manufacturing factory, varies from pulp paper, cement and ethanol or power plant, we will help you to find the suitable coal just for you. Our company was established in 2006 and while our office is based in Bangkok, Thailand, the sources of our coal mainly came from Australia, Indonesia, Russia and Philippines, all being certified and guarantee by international customers. Other than coal sources, we are happy to provide you logistics, other energy commodities and insurance service for your commodities as well. We also have our sister company, Krilala FZC, setting up in UAE for international reach and facilitate global services as well as consultation services. With a decade of experience, we provide our worldwide clients with international standard services.


We aim to deliver the best quality of coal to correspond the needs of our customers while helping them reducing cost for a greater sustainability.



  • To provide the quality coal commodity

  • To deliver the cargo on time

  • To propose the competitive price

  • To develop the company into a strong leading company with the economic growth of Thailand and the world economic as the standard

  • To provide the international standard services digital transformation

  • To be responsible for the environment and social

  • To forge a good relationship between the local through CSR


The Company will supply the required and standardized products with the reasonable price and on time. The growth of the Company is in accordance with the global business growth and economy. Additionally, the service with international standards, technology and professional staffs will be emphasized with the policy of valuable employees’ retention. The Company will conduct business in ethically and environmentally responsible manner Log Plus is committed to the principles of good governance by sustaining the development of communities of coal sources and end users.



  • Quality control by purchasing coal from well-know and reliable mines

  • Basic inspection on coal price and quality for customer acceptance

  • Customer Satisfaction by focusing on customer's needs, providing consultant and maintaining good relationship

  • Sales Promotion with attractive price for long term contract, collaborating with partner

  • Logistics Management by on time delivery

  • Environmental friendly and Community friendly

  • Engineer and geologist team for sourcing and inspecting coal

  • Financial resources from many highly performed banks


Other than coal and logistic, we are also happy to provide additional services from worldwide experts such as combustion engineers, other energy commodities e.g. coking coal, wood chips, coal handling system and consultant. Should you need any adjustment or suggestions in order to improve theeffectiveness of using our coal, we are happy to provide it to you.



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